Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I've got internet connection in Singapore at last. I'm no more deprived of entertainment (oh wait, i want a television next...HAHA)!.. So here i am sitting on my bed keeping my hyperactive Currently i'm 3 days into my new term and things are coming along kinda smooth (so far...for the curious few, i'm emotionally sound=B) for real this time. Everyone has been reshuffled into classes and i'm quite alright with mine. For some reason, i got voted to be the class assistant representative (well jeremy, it's a good start) cos my class "saw potential" in me. I'm proud of the first assignment i recieved from my form teacher and i promise to do it well! I keep telling myself that it's nothing too much to handle and i have faith in myself, seriously. What is my assignment? Well, to collect the students particulars from from all my new classmates by friday! I know it's gonna be a task but i'll get it done i promise you... but there's one problem! I kinda misplaced my given sheet =B ehheh... oops.

I've been spending most of my free periods in the library these three days. Especially when it's early morning. The blue couches and i currently have a rather intimate relationship. It's a conditioned reflex that makes me fall into it's arms. Without fail i'd always have a Time magazine in my hands (my lullaby book that captivates readers with it's recent history, politics, try hard jokes and scandle that would naturally bore me to slumberland after it's first page). Every morning i would meet my regular couch potato friends who like me love to rest and complete our daily quota of eight hours. If it wasn't for my mother tongue exemption i wouldn't be doing this... but it's only for this week so don't worry too much yah!hahaha...

A message to some people:
I understand you people have issues with me being "anti-social" and "dao" whenever i make an effort to attend a gathering, but it doesn't mean you should go all critical and begin to deter people from getting to me just because you have your own preference over some other people. If you haven't heard, it's called "selective response" whereby some people aren't actually worthy of my words. Yah, go figure why don't you!

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