Sunday, January 01, 2006

My dwindling future ahead...

Ahhh... It's the 1st of january 2006. It's the NEW YEAR two thousand and six. It's the most exciting and eventful year 2006. It's the year in which school starts in 2 days time...*moan*... Alright people, i've got two more days to enjoy what i have at home. I'm gonna play all the games i have and complete them three times over AND watch all the television i can before my parents plant me in my aunts house for the next two and a half months. I'll be watched over till obedient, fed till chubby (it's near holland V... *gasps*), pampered till spoiled, doted till contented and far from home till i'm forty five kilometers from both my desktop computers which i treasure back in J.B.

I'm bunkin' with my aunt and uncle (paternal) cos' the Junior College i'll be attending isn't far from their place of residence. Without any form of hesitation, they've accepted me into their humble home and i'm sincerely grateful towards them =). On top of that, they have SCV which is very much like Astro in Malaysia and a big television so i'm sure i'll have NO difficulty, whatsoever, in getting acquainted with the remote control. heehee... i'll just introduce myself to it and smile *grins*. YES MOM and DAD. I'll try not to give anyone within a radius of me any form of increased blood pressure while i'm away from Hoogie, my new blanket and my RECENTLY UPGRADED COMPUTER. I'll be "obedient". PrOmIsE =D.

Do take good care of my Terapin, Hoogie, Computers and the greedy bed bugs (feed them regularly with expired skin cells yah?). I'm not at all eager to leave home but then again, i'll have less household chores to attend to. Oh yeah, my sister is gonna feel the pinch i felt when she was away in aussie... heehee... and better still, less name callings "JEERRREEEMMMYYYY this JEERRREEEMMMYYYY that".

I'll be the only one from my secondary school spending three months in that JC. My uniform is gonna stick out like a sore thumb =) but i'm happy being different from the others. I'm gonna miss my classmates, best pals, teachers etc. but fret not, i'll be sure to return to MSL whenever i have the opportunity.

Okay, mom's tellin' me to pack mah bag. Looks like i'll only have time to blog during the weekends when i return home. Unless i source for my laptop fast, i'll be bloggin' again this weekend. TaTa.


Anonymous said...

I was heading home from the hospice when i caught sight of two students clad in YJC's orientation shirt. It brought back fond memories of my first three months and i bet you're enjoying yourself over at college. The value of something is never known until it be lost. As much as i reminsce the past, i guess i've got to move on in life and make the fullest out of it.
" Where's my ice-cream?" *Chuckles* Nah, kidding... I'm almost done with the album and i'll show it to one day. Alright, i've got to leave for training. Take great care and God bless...
-Much loved:)-

JeReMy said...

Hey moment to remember! Yeah, i'm enjoying my first month though i had some regrets during the first few days... Yes, what's done is done and couldn't have been done any other way. Look forward yeah! =)You'll get your ice-cream soon enough. promise. Awesome! i'll be waiting to see the album for myself =P keep me posted on it's progress yeah? You take care! I'm off to stay in sing. comin'back this weekend.
-Very Much loved-