Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New tree on the BLOG!

Yellows. My forebear had one look at the Minute tree that i brought to life about a week ago and claimed it was wrapped like a mummy (ancient egyptian method of embalming a dead body). With little option of differing i agreed along with him. The once called "Christmas Tree Of Childhood" was chopped down and suppressed in a Mandarin Orange carton box that now sprawls in the store room's most redundant end, the deep end.


Anonymous said...

Look, X'mas is over. Just when are you going to blog some more. "..a blogger is a guy sitting in his living room, in his pyjamas". Just how did the designer shoes go with the OBS multi-terrain..?? Hope they're not multi-torn..? Been praying for the Lord's protection upon you & friends at OBS.GB.

LemmeWagerAGuess said...

haha. i agree! :)