Monday, April 17, 2006


My secondary school besties. Taken on 14th april 2006 in Causeway point out of desperation. top left: Aman Singh. top right: Pravin Anand. Bottom right: Vasan and finally, Bottom left: the one and only...

after 4 hours of tution during my saturday weekend. Lying on the table feeling all ill and fluish with unkempt hair screaming in my mind "HELLLLLLPPPPP MEEEEEEEEE!!!"

A day after reciving my present from samme. Try on session on a friday morning (good firday). How adorable the shirt looks. haha. just hours before meeting up with my 4 muskerteers in woodlands.

Just hours before the start of a good friday concert, i encountered a ferocious kid in the evening who looked as if he had plans to take over the whole world with his bare HANDS at the age of 5.

A random picture taken...

an evening picture of a view from the esplanade

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